Are you an entrepreneur and do you need a good website quickly? Then you probably don't have the time to delve into hosting, content management, search engine optimization and marketing.

We help you with your online presence.

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Startups and businesses

You just want a website that is well found by (potential) customers, where the basis is set up for you and you can easily customize texts and images.

Or are you growing and your website needs to grow with you? We are prepared for that as well.

What does a website cost?

How does it work?

On the basis of an interview we determine the broad outlines and make an inventory of available material such as images and texts. Then we set up a test site to work on.

Once the site is online we are available for support. And because we have developed a central system, we immediately remove errors for everyone. Just as new functionalities are immediately available to everyone.

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What does a website cost?

If you are satisfied with a basic template, you can be online within a few days for €499 ex. VAT once, and €19 per month for hosting, support and maintenance.

If you have specific wishes or would like to have a certain design implemented, we will give you advice and a quotation without any obligation.

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