Save time

Setting up a website quickly always takes more time than anticipated. The favicon, a sitemap.xml, SEO tags, recursive menus, language and time zone detection, multiple languages. Find and add all scripts and plugins again.

What if you had a toolbox that takes care of all this for you. If you don't want to set up a CDN for files yourself, you can manage high availability application instances with database cluster. All this with a flexible and easy to use website management.

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Best practices

We use an "opinionated" approach, in which many standard choices have already been made for you.

Instead of making everything optional with dozens of institutions that make things complex, we start from best-practices and approaches in which we have thought about future issues.

Standard multilingual, images are renamed to the title, made url-friendly, automatically resized and then uploaded to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for optimal speed.

What does a website cost?


The Web Platform uses a content-driven approach so that modules such as news, photo albums and forms can be clearly managed and used in any template and on any page. If the design of a website changes, in most cases nothing needs to be adjusted to the modules and content. 

We are always open to discuss new modules and functionalities, should you or your customer need something that is not yet possible.

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All designs possible

The Web Platform offers flexibility with templates in which you can customize everything yourself. Adding a script like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel or a jQuery plugin is easy. You can even use PHP and Laravel Blade syntax in the templates.

In short, you don't have to worry about things like hosting and further development of website management, but you can focus on websites with a management that your customers can easily manage. Full white label. But of course you can also place all support directly with us.

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Software as a Service

The Web Platform has been developed as a central system, to which you and your customers can login to manage multiple websites. Updates are implemented centrally which makes it easy to maintain the system with bug fixes, improvements and new functionalities.

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Become a partner

As a designer you can deliver designs that we can implement. Registration on the Web Platform works on the basis of partner codes, so customers can only register with a code that you receive. Request a demo right now!

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